Building an energy-saving house

Energy-efficient and passive houses are characterized by very low energy consumption. The average annual heating cost is up to 80% lower than in traditional technologies. Energy-saving and passive construction is a constantly growing trend, which in a moment will become not only a fashion but also a necessity.

IZODOM technology

IZODOM is the only complete technology for building energy-efficient and passive houses. Houses are built as simply as with blocks.

IZODOM is the only technology which uses the IZOClick® system to connect our blocks without mortar, thanks to which thermal bridges are eliminated.

IZODOM energy-efficient houses allow to save up to 80% on heating. In addition, the house does not need additional insulation, so you do not have to worry about the rapidly changing prices of building materials and labor costs.


We have been trusted by


"If someone plans to build an energy-saving house that will be cheap in heating, I do recommend the proven solutions of IZODOM.

Marcin Hakiel


IZODOM is a construction system that we chose because of the speed of building a house. Now, after a year of use, it has allowed us to notice savings in our bills.



"The IZOPassive system by IZODOM was used to build, among others, the palace of the royal family in Morocco.


the palace of the royal family.